Seoul Fashion Week

We hit Seoul Fashion Week and didn’t have to leave the venue: geek style flooded the event every sing day. We were pleased to see several vintage fandoms pop-up and intertwine with the new: The Muppets, Betty Boop, Mickey, and Elmo.

Tokyo Fashion Week

We were constantly on the move scoping style around Harajuku, Shibuya, and Akihabara during the latest season of Tokyo Fashion Week. Fandoms spotted include: The Simpsons, Aladdin, and various manga & anime.

Riot Fest: Nerd Punk

This year’s Riot Fest punk music festival at Douglas Park in Chicago brought a wide variety of metal, punk, and hip-hop fans to revel in live performance for the weekend. Geek Official spotted a few attendees unafraid to rep their inner-geek and tagged some of their style. Fandoms include Pokémon, Star Wars, Stranger Things, and even American Psycho.

Bit Bash Chicago: Pokémon, Pizza, and Kirby

Saturday August 13th’s Bit Bash at Revel Fulton Market in Chicago’s West Loop brought a vividly-styled gathering of geeks to check out indie video games for the afternoon. Geek Official snagged a few attendees to digest some of their style. Brands featured include Omocat, Animetrashswag, Loungefly, Black Milk, Beloved Shirts & more.

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